TRIOS Digital Dentistry:

  • measuring the color of the patient's teeth,
  • STL file export,
  • scanning of the full arch (mandible) even in 11 seconds,
  • scanning with an accuracy of 6.9 μm,
  • use of the intra-oral camera and HD photos, dynamic articulation recording.
Trio Scanner
  • individual approach to the patient
  • convenient payment methods
  • air-conditioned rooms
  • wireless Internet
  • specialized team
  • a place friendly to people with disabilities
  • coffee and tea

Prodentik is a dental clinic that has never been before. Our facility gathers all the specialties in the field of dentistry. One-day surgery, treatment under anesthesia, prosthetics, conservative treatment, implant prosthetics, orthodontics. We focus our attention on the patient and we are aware that the stress caused before the visit to the office paralyzes the patient. We are here to neutralize the level of stress and make your visit the most friendly atmosphere.

Prodentik in Tarnowskie Góry wants to gather patients who struggle with dental problems and our digitization will allow us to correctly diagnose problems. We are focused on the highest quality of our services. Your satisfaction and your smile will make us proud of our work.

Our team is passionate about their work.