Surgery under anesthesia

Surgery is one of the areas of dentistry that arouses patient fear. Our specialists are able to professionally approach each patient. They remove both stuck in bone teeth as well as simple tooth extractions. We give the patient the feeling that nothing is impossible. This is also the case. We believe in our mission and cultivate trust in the dentist. For better comfort, we offer anesthetic treatment. Patients with dentophobia have a chance for this type of treatment. Prodentik in Tarnowskie Góry is the first clinic providing treatment under anesthesia.

Dental general anesthesia at Prodentik is an ideal solution for patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist. The dentist qualifies the patient for the treatment, however, in order for the treatment to take place, consultations and patient consent are required.

What treatments are performed under general anesthesia?

  • Conservative treatment
  • Surgical treatment
  • Prosthetic treatment
  • Implantacja Implantation
  • Endodontic treatment

Two teams take part in the treatment under anesthesia - dental and anesthesiology, and dental assistance.

Procedure for surgery under general anesthesia:

  • dental consultation
  • anesthesiology consultation
  • setting the date of the treatment
  • preparation for the treatment in accordance with the guidelines provided by the anesthesiologist during the consultation visit
  • dental treatment under the care of anesthesiologist and anesthetic nurse
  • awakening under the care of anesthesiologist and anesthetic nurse

The patient leaves Prodentik the same day after waking up. The anesthesiologist and staff always contact the next day after treatment to check how the patient is doing. In Prodentik, anesthesia under general anesthesia is performed by a team of anesthetists and dentists who monitor the patient's safety. After dental treatment under anesthesia, the patient is taken to the room where he returns to his home. An accompanying person may stay in the room.

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