Digital dentistry

Modern dentistry is digitized. They consist of CNC milling machines that precisely mill all-ceramic restorations. Some restorations can be made in one day. They give us incredible accuracy of the work performed by scanning the patient's mouth and designing the work by computer.

Works digitally possible:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • PMMA temporary jobs
  • Implants
  • And many other complicated prosthetic restorations

Trios is a device used for precise scanning of the oral cavity. Instead of collecting a traditional mouth leak, a head is placed in the mouth to take pictures of the mouth. This precise image is sent for further processing and modeling.

The works that can be performed with the scanner are:

  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthetics
  • Implantology

Digital dentistry is used in treatment to get better results at work. It is based on passivity, definitely better translucency, and the result is crowns similar in color to the natural teeth. CAD / CAM is a computer design of prosthetic works with the use of CNC numerical milling machines. Digital dentistry includes the following elements:

  • Intra-oral scanner - replaces the standard prosthetic impression,
  • CAD / CAM laboratory - here prosthetic works are modeled on the basis of a digital impression,
  • Dental milling machine - in this device, the foundation is milled for future prosthetic work,
  • 3D printer - dental models are printed here. The printed model replaces the traditional plaster model.

Digitization in dentistry has led to the fact that modeled and milled works are created with incredible precision and the time to produce such work reaches one day. In practice, it looks like a patient who performs new veneers or crowns may have the work done on the same day.

           We offer digitally performed prosthetic works.


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